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Order the Updated Black Diesel Report Here
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I originally wrote my black diesel report in 2008 after a few years of testing and driving on black diesel. In the years that have past, the process hasn't changed but vehicles and rules have. I have also received a ton of feedback from customers and others running black diesel. It was time to update my report. The report now is up to over 20 pages and contains the information you need to make black diesel yourself. While it is a simple process, you want to do it right. I include the basics, safety, how to mix and blend, how to avoid problems and how to fix them, how to build your own processor, what percentage of oil most common diesels can handle, where to get oil etc. It's a lot of information for $10. I send the report by email. I normally get it out in an hour or two. I will also apply the purchase towards a processor if you later decide to buy one. Get the right information learned with experience, not the wrong information from an internet forum. I you have purchased the original report in the past, reply back from the email I sent you. I will send you the updated report free.