Is Black Diesel Clean? The dirty oil we start with certainly isn't clean but when we are done with the process, black diesel is actually cleaner than the pump diesel you are using now.

How much is it going to cost me to start running on black diesel? The report showing you how is $29.99. You can make small batches of black diesel with just a few dollars worth of equipment. When you are ready to move up to a higher volume set up, you will probably spend $100 to $200 if you use all new parts. You probably have some of the parts lying around already so you will pay less. I include a sketch of a basic system and I also include some real low dollar methods some of my customers have sent me. You don't have to buy anything else from me. I don't try to keep making money off you by selling a secret chemical or more information that you need. It's all there in the report.

Can't I go on the internet and find out how to make black diesel for free? There is more wrong information online about black diesel than right information. Most of what you will find are people who have never tried it, telling you that it doesn't work or that it will ruin your engine. Yes it will ruin your engine if you do it wrong. I spent hundreds of hours researching and testing to get it right. I would have rather just paid the $29.99 and had it in my hand.

Why isn't everyone using it? I don't know. It leaves more oil for me though. I have gotten emails from others who use black diesel, joking with me. They don't want more people to discover the secret and have to share the oil.

People say that burning used motor oil in a diesel will cause coking. What is coking and is it a problem? Coking is the build up of carbon, normally on injectors and the head. Engines running on straight used oil that has not been properly cleaned can be destroyed by coking. It can actually lift a head right off the engine. When we make black diesel, we clean the oil and add additives that prevent coking. In hundreds of thousands of miles on black diesel, I have never seen evidence of coking when the fuel is made correctly.

Doesn't black diesel smoke? Not any more than regular diesel if it is mixed properly and your engine is in good repair. It does smell a little different though. Not bad, just different. if you do mix it incorrectly and get some smoke, all you have to do is add some regular diesel.

What engines cannot use black diesel? General Motors 6.5 liter diesels and 2007 and newer diesels. People have figured out how to get around the optical sensor in the 6.5 but that is not something I know how to do. 2007 and newer diesels have a particulate filter that could be clogged up by black diesel. These filters seem to get clogged up with regular diesel too.

Isn't there metal in used motor oil? Yes there is but we are going to filter it down to 1 micron. A micron is around 50 time smaller than a grain of sand. Your regular fuel filter only filters from 5 to 25 microns so your regular diesel has much larger pieces of garbage going through your fuel system. I have never had nor has anyone ever reported to me any problems with metal or any other debris causing problems in their black diesel.

What about common rail diesels? I have many customers having excellent results with 2003 through 2006 cummins common rail diesels. I know of at least one 2005 Mercedes CDI running Black Diesel with no problems.

What about black diesel in cold weather? Black diesel performs much better in cold weather than biodiesel or WVO. It acts just like pump diesel and will respond to the same additives. Black diesel receipies may have to be adjusted in cold weather depending on the viscosity of your oil. If it's too thick, it may cause hard starting.

If I run out of black diesel, can I fill up with pump diesel? Yes you can. You can switch back and forth all you like. You will notice how much quieter your engine runs on black diesel.

Can I mix biodiesel and black diesel. Yes you can however it may tend to seperate. This may be a problem in cold weather. I would avoid doing it as much as possible.

What modifications are needed to my engine? Really none. If you want to run 100% motor oil, you will have to add some equipment. I cover that in my report.

My supply of oil is mixed. It has conventional oil, synthetic oil, ATF etc. Will that work? Yes, you will find most of the oil you get will be like that. You do want to be sure that there is no antifeeze or brake fluid mixed in. Antifeeze can be removed with one of my dewatering filters. If there is a large amount of brake fluid, your fuel will smoke like crazy!!

Can I make heating oil out of black diesel? Yes, directions are included with my report. The process is very similar.

Do you have any samples? I would not be able to send it out by mail. If you want to see how your engine will run on black diesel, try this test. Remove your fuel filter and fill it up with clean unused ATF. Put the filter back on, making sure there is no air in the system. Start your engine. After a minute or two, your engine will be running on the ATF. The ATF is similar in make up and viscosity to black diesel.

Where do I get oil? I include a list of likely places to find used motor oil. Believe me, it's much easier to find than waste vegetable oil. You are doing the ground water a favor by taking it away.

I don't have a credit card or I don't want to use paypal. Can't I send a money order? Yes, Email me at blackdieselchef@yahoo.com and I will tell you how to do it.

If I want to order a few items, will you give a discount? Normally I can do something. Email me at blackdieselchef@yahoo.com and let me know what you are interested in. I will see what I can do.

What happens if I have a question or need some help after I buy the report or filter? Email me at blackdieselchef@yahoo.com. I am always happy to answer questions or help out.