Dewatering settling Filter for 5 gallon bucket. Removes Water from WVO and Black Diesel

Dewatering settling Filter for 5 gallon bucket. Removes Water from WVO and Black Diesel
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Dry out your Vegetable oil or your Black Diesel! Stop leaving a few inches at the bottom of the bucket!

Drop one of these filters in while your oil settles and then just pull out the water! This size is perfect for the smaller volume fuel producer. The ring size is 8" and will fit other containers as well.

This is a water removing filter designed To sit at the bottom of a 5 to 7 gallon bucket. It will absorb the water as it settles to the bottom of your supply of vegetable oil or black diesel preventing it from entering your engine. It uses a special SuperAbsorbant Polymer crystal that won't absorb your oil but loves to drink the water.   This Polymer  will absorb up to 60 times its volume in water along with the impurities carried by water. This filter will not absorb vegetable oils, animal fats or petroleum oils.  The cloth that contains the Superabsorbent Polymers is a moisture wicking cloth that will collect the water and hold it while the Polymers absorb it.  The filter has a steel rebar frame that serves to keep the filters shape and weigh the filter down. As the filter absorbs the water, it will swell up and retain the moisture in a gel form.  It will not release the water into the oil.The filter has the means to attach a piece of rope to ease removal while there is still oil in the drum.  This filter is reusable and only needs to be cleaned and dried (directions are included). It can then be returned to service and will have an expected life of up to two years. There are other polymer based products available for dewatering WVO, SVO and black diesel but none are as cost effective. I also carry a filter that fits a 10" "whole house" water filter that will remove water as it is being filtered. A 55 gallon drum size is available as well. Email me for custom sizes.

These filters are sewn by a local grandmother and are helping to support her during these tough times. Please allow a couple of extra days for delivery.

This filter is under constant improvement so its appearance may differ slightly from the picture. International buyers, contact me for low riced shipping options.