Dewatering Filter Fits 10" Filter Housing. Removes Water from WVO, SVO, Black Diesel and Biodiesel

Dewatering Filter Fits 10" Filter Housing. Removes Water from WVO, SVO, Black Diesel and Biodiesel
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This is a water removing filter designed for use in a whole house water filter that uses a 10" filter cartridge.(available on ebay or most home improvement stores) The inner filter is a standard 5 micron filter cartridge and is replaceable. The outer layer is a filter that incorporates a Superabsorbent Polymer that will absorb up to 60 times its volume in water and the impurities carried by water. This filter will not absorb vegetable oils, animal fats or petroleum oils. After the oil exits the inner filter, it is directed through the Superabsorbent Polymer layer which absorbs and holds water but allows the oil to pass right through. The bottom of the Polymer filter extends below the filter cartridge to absorb any water that might settle there. The cloth that contains the Superabsorbent Polymers is a moisture wicking cloth that will collect the water and hold it while the Polymers absorb it. Excessive filtering speed or pressure should be avoided as it will reduce the effectiveness of this and all filters. Oil should still be allowed to settle before filtering to avoid excessive water. See my other lisings for settling filters to aid with this part.

The Polymers will swell as they absorb water allowing you to see when the filter should be changed. The outer filter is reusable and only needs to be cleaned and dried (directions are included). It is then attached to a new 10" cartridge and put back into service.

There are other polymer based products available for dewatering  WVO, SVO and black diesel but none are as cost effective. I also have available, filters in several sizes and shapes to fit the bottom of storage tanks, 55 gallon drums, 16 and 30 gallon drums and 5 gallon buckets. Please stay tuned for other new products.

I have made an improvement to this filter by using a new ultra fine polymer absorbent. It grabs and holds water even faster than the old polymer. It will make this already very thirsty filter even better at grabbing the tiny droplets of water that escape other methods of dewatering.

These filters are sewn by a local grandmother and are helping to support her during these tough times. Please allow a few extra days for delivery.

This filter is under constant improvement so its appearance may differ slightly from the picture. International buyers please contact me for shipping options.