Complete Turn-Key Black Diesel Processor and Filling Station

Complete Turn-Key Black Diesel Processor and Filling Station
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The price of diesel fuel can be crazy but making your own fuel has never been easier!

What is Black Diesel? It's a fuel made from used motor oil. It provides more power and better mileage than pump diesel because it has more energy than diesel. It lubricates your engine much better than the new Ultra Low Sulfur diesel and will solve the problems many are having with the new diesel as well as increase your engine life. But best of all Black Diesel is much easier to make than biodiesel and based on today's fuel costs only costs about $1 per gallon to make!

The Freedom Fuel System converts a 55 gallon drum into a fuel processor and your own filling station. Imagine having your own fuel pump at home, a fuel pump that doesn't have a credit card slot! Pour used motor oil into the drum, add the other ingredients, stir and the machine takes care of the rest! You don't end up wasting your day off making fuel for the week. The system only processes fuel as you need it. Biodiesel is a great fuel but it's a lot of trouble to make and finding used vegetable oil is getting harder and harder. Black Diesel could be the answer for you. Don't let the Middle East run your life!

For the last few years, I have sold hundreds of copies of my Black Diesel Report. For even longer, I have sold dewatering filters that remove water, acid, antifreeze and other contaminants from motor oil and vegetable oils. I have had many people ask me to put together a complete, easy to use system that produces and dispenses black diesel. After much testing and trial and error as well as very valuable input from customers, I now offer my Freedom Fuel System.

The Freedom Fuel System is made of metal where ever possible and is designed to last. All of the components are replaceable should they ever fail. This is not a system you will have to buy more than once. The system is designed to be simple to operate and is shipped completely assembled. After opening the box, you can be producing your own fuel within minutes. This is a complete system except for a 55 gallon drum or other container, a 12 volt battery (the one in your car or truck will work), a broom handle or pole to mix the fuel and an additive available at most large retailers or auto parts stores. The Freedom Fuel System can be easily adapted to other containers like totes, tanks or smaller drums. You can use a plastic drum but it may require a counter weight if the drum is empty as the system weighs about 40 pounds. The system can be easily moved from drum to drum or can be left in one place. Add wheels to the bottom of your drum and have a completely mobile fuel station.

The Pump. Many of the biodiesel and black diesel systems I have seen use water pumps. They clearly say "Not for Flammable Liquids" If your fuel isn't flammable, it's not going to work! The Freedom System pump was designed for and is rated for diesel fuel and light oils. Exactly what we are using it for. You can rest assured that the pump will be safe and will hold up to black diesel.

The Hose. The Freedom Fuel System uses 3/4" hose that is designed for fuel use. It isn't water hose that is going to break down from fuel usage.

The Filters: The Freedom Fuel System uses a three stage filter process. The fuel flows through a 100 micron sock filter at the bottom of the intake hose. This protects the pump and starts the filtering process. The fuel then travels through the primary 10 micron foam whole house type filter followed by a secondary 1 micron foam whole house type filter. The fuel you get at a service station is normally only filtered to 5 microns and the fuel filter in most vehicles only filters to 10 microns. So basically, the black diesel you make is probably cleaner than the diesel you buy at gas station. The two foam filters are standard 10" whole house water filters that keep replacement costs low. These are available here on eBay in bulk or from your local hardware or department stores. I include an extra set of filters with your Freedom Fuel System to keep you making fuel for a long time. Filter life is determined by how clean your oil is. They could last 50 gallons with really dirty oil or 1000 gallons with cleaner oil. The 100 micron screen can be cleaned and reused dozens of times.

Dewatering Filters. Removing water, antifreeze and acids is obviously very important. My dewatering filters contain a special super absorbent polymer that I have custom made for this purpose. The Polymer will absorb up to 60 times it's volume but will not absorb oil. It's ability to remove water from oil is nothing short of amazing. Like the particulate filters in the Freedom Fuel System, the dewatering filters use a three stage process. The first dewatering filter is designed to fit through the 2" bung opening on your drum. It is attached to the pump pick up hose and is weighted to sink to the bottom of the oil. It will sit at the bottom of your drum and will absorb any water etc. that settles out of the oil. The next dewatering filter is attached to the primary 10 micron filter. This dewatering filter uses large polymer crystals in a open weave "wicking" type fabric that catches traces of water and absorbs them out of the oil. The final dewatering filter is attached to the secondary 1 micron filter and is a tight weave fabric with ultra fine powdered polymer. It will catch and absorb final tiny droplets keeping them out of your engine. The three polymer filters are completely reusable. When they become full of water, antifreeze, acid etc, you only have to remove them, wash them off and set them out in the sun to dry. These filters have an average life of around 2 years. The Freedom Fuel System includes an extra of all three dewatering filters. That way you can have one set processing your fuel while the other set dries. No down time!

Nozzle. The Freedom Fuel System features a gas station like fuel nozzle with a trigger lock that allows easy fill ups of your tank. (the nozzle does not have automatic shut so be aware of the fuel level to avoid overflows!)

Is the system as fast as a gas station? No, my tests show around 4 gallons per minute processed and dispensed. It may take you a few minutes longer to fill your tank, but when you consider that you don't have to go in and pay, it's about the same! The polymer filters slow down the process a little bit but that is not a bad thing. Too high a speed of pumping would compromise the filtering process. 4 gallons per minute is really not bad at all.

What is included?

* The complete Freedom Fuel System, fully assembled and ready to mount on your drum.

* A copy of my report "The Black Book of Black Diesel"

* A "Quick Start" guide to get you making black diesel right away.

* 1 extra 10 micron filter

* 1 extra 1 micron filter

* 1 extra "in drum" polymer dewatering filter

* 1 extra primary dewatering filter

* 1 extra secondary dewatering filter

* 1 filter wrench

* 1 ratcheting mounting strap

Most common questions… What is Black Diesel made out of? Black diesel is used motor oil, some diesel fuel or kerosene and a fuel system cleaner. Oil is just too thick to burn in a diesel engine without modifications so you need to thin it with some diesel fuel or kerosene. Obviously you want to burn as much oil and as little diesel fuel or kerosene as possible. The engine you are running it in and the temperature determines how much oil you can run. Some engines can handle as much as 95% oil in warm weather while others do better on as little as 50%. The more “high tech” an engine is, the less oil it will handle. 50% to 95% off of your fuel bill is not bad at all! If you email me the engines you are thinking of running black diesel in, I can give you a pretty good idea of how much oil you can burn and how little it will cost to make your fuel. I also recommend that you add a fuel system cleaner to your fuel. In the US, Seafoam engine treatment works great. It’s available at Walmart and most auto parts stores. One $10 bottle will make about 200 gallons of fuel. In other countries use Diesel Purge. Figure 30ml for every 40 liters of fuel. If you can’t find either one, any diesel fuel additive that cleans injectors will work. The purpose of the cleaner is to prevent carbon from building up over the years.

Can I burn Hydraulic Fluid, transmission fluid and gear oil? Yes, they all make great fuel. You will find that most of the oil you collect will be a mix of a lot of oils. That is fine, mixes do great as fuel.

I have a GM 6.5 Diesel. Am I out of luck? The 6.5 GM diesel with the electronic injection pump will not run on black diesel. The Military 6.5s and the very early 6.5s don’t have the electronic injection pump. Many people convert their electronic injection pumps to the non-electronic pump. If you do this conversion, you will have much less trouble with your pump and you will be able to burn black diesel. Search the internet for 6.5 DB2 conversion for instructions.

I have a 2007 and up truck in the US, am I out of luck? Your truck is required by law to only run ultra low sulfur diesel. That doesn’t mean that people don’t run black diesel in these trucks but it’s against the law to do it. Can I run 100% oil? Many engines can handle 100% oil but you need to heat it first. You would need to run a 2 tank system similar to using WVO.

Can this system be used for biodiesel or WVO too? Yes, this system will filter, dewater and dispense waste vegetable oil or biodiesel. You can switch back and forth whenever you want. Many people use my systems for whatever kind of oil they have on hand. If they have vegetable oil, they use it, when they run out, they use motor oil and vice versa. This system will not actually make biodiesel.

If I am away from home, can I fill up with diesel fuel? Yes, you will hate having to pay for it but you can go back and forth from black diesel to diesel any time. Can the system be portable? Yes, they all run on 12 volts so they can be taken with you just about anywhere. I have several customers who travel on long trips and find oil along the way to use. They can easily be adapted to just about any container too. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

This is the system that I use myself and I stand behind it. You will be very happy with the money you can save by making your own fuel and how easy the process is. Please check out my other products for more information and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all. This is a large heavy box and the price includes shipping in the United States. I will ship to other countries. Please contact me at for a quote.