Compact Black Diesel Processor

Compact Black Diesel Processor
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    Diesel prices are crazy. You have gotten used to paying $3 to $4 per gallon but you don't have to. European diesel drivers have it really tough! Imagine how much money you could save if you made your own fuel.

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What is Black Diesel? It's a fuel made from used motor oil. It provides more power and better mileage than pump diesel because it contains more energy per gallon than diesel. It lubricates your engine much better than the new Ultra Low Sulfur diesel and will solve the problems many are having with the new diesel as well as prolong your engine life. Best of all Black Diesel is much easier to make than biodiesel and based on today's fuel costs can cost less than $1 per gallon to make. Making your own fuel gives you freedom and saves you a huge pile of money!! My Black Diesel Processor and Filling Station has proven very popular but I have had many requests to offer a smaller, lower priced system. After much testing and designing with feedback from customers,  I am pleased to offer my new compact black diesel processor. This processor is designed to easily make fuel in 5 gallon batches. The processor is perfect for someone who doesn't need as much fuel, has limited space or just wants to try black diesel with a lower investment. The system is very easy to use, just pour your oil and other ingredients in the included bucket, stir, snap on the lid and turn it on. The system will triple filter the fuel down to 1 micron while it removes water, acids and antifreeze from your fuel. The system is quiet and will produce 5 gallons of black diesel in around 10 minutes. It is a very cost effective way to get started with this great fuel. This Freedom Fuel System has a galvanized metal base and is designed to last. All of the components are replaceable should they ever fail. This is not a system you will have to buy more than once. The system is designed to be simple to operate and is almost completely assembled. You will only need to install 2 bolts and 2 filters. After opening the box, you can be producing your own fuel within minutes. This is a complete system with the exception of a 12 volt automotive type battery (you can use the one in your car) , something to mix with like a paint stir stick ,  a 5 gallon fuel can or other container to catch the finished fuel and a low cost additive available at most large retailers or auto parts stores. The 5 gallon bucket and lid are included with the system. The entire system can be stored inside the bucket when not being used. The Pump: Many of the biodiesel and black diesel systems I have seen use water pumps. They clearly say "Not for Flammable Liquids" If your fuel isn't flammable, it's not going to work! The pump included with this system is designed for fuel. It is a 12 volt electric fuel pump that is designed to last for years and run for hours at a time. If it ever did fail, it can be replaced easily and inexpensively. The Hose: This Freedom Fuel System uses 5/16" hose that is designed for fuel use. It isn't water hose that is going to break down from fuel usage. The Particulate Filters: My Freedom Fuel System use a three stage filter process. The real challenge to building a smaller fuel system was to provide the same filtering abilities in a smaller package. Obviously we don't want to have less filtered fuel. The filter process starts with a 100 micron sock filter that attaches to the pick up tube at the bottom of your bucket. This starts the filtering process and protects your pump from foreign matter. The fuel then travels in to a single 10 inch "whole house type" water filter housing. The filter in the housing is unique. I designed a 10 micron sleeve filter that slips over a standard 1 micron 10 inch water filter. The fuel must travel through the 10 micron sleeve before it is pushed through the 1 micron filter. The sleeve can be cleaned and reused many times so the only filter you will normally have to replace is the 1 micron filter. They are available at hardware stores but are much less expensive from several ebay sellers. They can be less than $1 each if purchased in bulk. The 10 inch 1 micron filter and 10 micron sleeve are covered with a dewatering filter for a complete filtering package. You will also receive an extra set which should keep you making fuel for a long time. Dewatering Filters: Removing water, antifreeze and acids is obviously very important. My dewatering filters contain a special super absorbent polymer that I have custom made for this purpose. The Polymer will absorb up to 60 times it's volume in water but will not absorb oil. It's ability to remove water from oil is nothing short of amazing. This system uses 2 different dewatering filters. The first dewatering filter attaches to the pick up hose and rests at the bottom of your bucket with built in weights. It will sit at the bottom of your bucket and will absorb any water etc. that settles out of the oil. The second dewatering filter mentioned earlier is attached to the particulate filters in the filter housing. This dewatering filter uses fine polymer crystals in a "wicking" type fabric that catches traces of water and absorbs them out of the oil. The two polymer filters are completely reusable. When they become full of water, antifreeze, acid etc, you only have to remove them, wash them off and set them out in the sun to dry. These filters have an average life of around 2 years. The Freedom Fuel System includes an extra set of both dewatering filters. That way you can have one set processing your fuel while the other set dries. No down time! I designed this system to work with a 5 gallon plastic fuel can available at department stores and auto parts stores for less than $20 but you can use just about any safe container to catch the finished fuel.  After your container is full, pour it in your tank and start the next batch.  Black diesel is all about saving money and this sytem will get you started making high quality fuel very quickly. Having your own source of low cost fuel at home is a great feeling. Passing gas stations and their high prices is even better. Don't count on the Middle East to provide low cost fuel, count on yourself! What is included? The complete Freedom Fuel System.

A copy of my report "The Black Book of Black Diesel"

A "Quick Start guide" to get you making black diesel right away. 1 extra 10 micron sleeve filter

1 extra 1 micron filter

1 extra in bucket polymer dewatering filter

1 extra 10 inch dewatering filter

1 5 gallon bucket with lid

Most common questions… What is Black Diesel made out of? Black diesel is used motor oil, some diesel fuel or kerosene and a fuel system cleaner. Oil is just too thick to burn in a diesel engine without modifications so you need to thin it with some diesel fuel or kerosene. Obviously you want to burn as much oil and as little diesel fuel or kerosene as possible. The engine you are running it in and the temperature determines how much oil you can run. Some engines can handle as much as 95% oil in warm weather while others do better on as little as 50%. The more “high tech” an engine is, the less oil it will handle. 50% to 95% off of your fuel bill is not bad at all! If you email me the engines you are thinking of running black diesel in, I can give you a pretty good idea of how much oil you can burn and how little it will cost to make your fuel. I also recommend that you add a fuel system cleaner to your fuel. In the US, Seafoam engine treatment works great. It’s available at Walmart and most auto parts stores. One $10 bottle will make about 200 gallons of fuel. In other countries use Diesel Purge. Figure 30ml for every 40 liters of fuel. If you can’t find either one, any diesel fuel additive that cleans injectors will work. The purpose of the cleaner is to prevent carbon from building up over the years.

Can I burn Hydraulic Fluid, transmission fluid and gear oil? Yes, they all make great fuel. You will find that most of the oil you collect will be a mix of a lot of oils. That is fine, mixes do great as fuel.

I have a GM 6.5 Diesel. Am I out of luck? The 6.5 GM diesel with the electronic injection pump will not run on black diesel. The Military 6.5s and the very early 6.5s don’t have the electronic injection pump. Many people convert their electronic injection pumps to the non-electronic pump. If you do this conversion, you will have much less trouble with your pump and you will be able to burn black diesel. Search the internet for 6.5 DB2 conversion for instructions.

I have a 2007 and up truck in the US, am I out of luck? Your truck is required by law to only run ultra low sulfur diesel. That doesn’t mean that people don’t run black diesel in these trucks but it’s against the law to do it. Can I run 100% oil? Many engines can handle 100% oil but you need to heat it first. You would need to run a 2 tank system similar to using WVO.

Can this system be used for biodiesel or WVO too? Yes, this system will filter, dewater and dispense waste vegetable oil or biodiesel. You can switch back and forth whenever you want. Many people use my systems for whatever kind of oil they have on hand. If they have vegetable oil, they use it, when they run out, they use motor oil and vice versa. This system will not actually make biodiesel. If I am away from home, can I fill up with diesel fuel? Yes, you will hate having to pay for it but you can go back and forth from black diesel to diesel any time.

Can the system be portable? Yes, they all run on 12 volts so they can be taken with you just about anywhere. I have several customers who travel on long trips and find oil along the way to use. They can easily be adapted to just about any container too. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I build these systems myself and stand behind them. You will be very happy with the money you can save by making your own fuel and how easy the process is. Please check out my other products for more information and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

International Buyers! At least half of my orders are shipped overseas. I am very experienced shipping to most parts of the world and will work hard to get you your item as quickly as possible. Please be aware that your country may charge a duty on delivery. I cannot control that but will do what ever I can to help you avoid these charges. Please contact me first if you have any questions. This is a good system for shipping overseas due to it's lighter weight and smaller size.

This is a great entry level black diesel system. It is the lowest price complete system I know of.  If you should ever out grow this system and want to move up to my full size system, I will give a reasonable trade in allowance towards the larger system.   This system also does a great job of filtering and dewatering biodiesel or waste vegetable oil. You can switch back and forth from black diesel to vegetable oil fuels as often as you like.

We all know what kind of world we live in and why the following is nessasary: Using Black diesel as a fuel on a roadway could be a violation of law because road taxes have not been paid. Do so at your own risk. Many states have provisions to pay the road taxes monthly based on the amount of fuel you use. Usually you can find these provisions by searching for information on using biodiesel in your state. Use of motor oil based fuel is not approved by the EPA.  Black Diesel, like Biodiesel should be considered experimental fuel. If you choose to use the ideas offered here, you do so at your own risk. I cannot control the quality of your oil supply, the condition of your engine or the quality of your finished product and I will not be held responsible for damages of any kind. Consider this information for entertainment only. Working with highly flammable chemicals is obviously very dangerous. Always use your best judgment and observe all safety procedures for working with hazardous, flammable chemicals. No Smoking! Motor oil like most fuels are known to cause cancer.

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