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I get a lot of questions regarding black diesel in newer trucks. If your truck requires DEF, you won't want to run black diesel. It puts out more soot than ultra low sulfur diesel and will eventually clog up the particulate filter in your exhaust. People have deleted the particulate filter and had their computers reprogrammed so they can run black diesel but that is not an easy thing. In my opinion, if you have an older, simpler diesel, run black diesel and save money. If you have a newer truck, its probably best to leave it alone.

What is Black Diesel?

Black Diesel is a fuel made from used motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oil even gear oil. It will work as a replacement for diesel fuel in most diesel engines. (Owners of 1994 and newer General Motors 6.5 liter diesels will not be able to use Black Diesel. There is an optical sensor in the injection pump that needs to "see" through the fuel. Diesels with optical sensors can not use black diesel )Duramax diesels up to 2006 can use Black Diesel. Black Diesel is much easier to make than Biodiesel and much easier to get than waste vegetable oil or biodiesel. As the price of diesel climbs, there are more and more people competing for the same vegetable oil. As restaurants suffer due to the economy, they will be changing their cooking oil less often. There are millions of gallons of motor oils sitting all over the world waiting to be used. The EPA estimates that only around 50% of the countries used motor oil is recycled. 85% of that is burned as fuel for ships, power plants and heaters. The thinking is that every gallon that is burned for fuel is one less gallon that will end up in a lake or the ocean or be dumped on the ground to contaminate the ground water. One gallon of oil can make one million gallons of water undrinkable. Is burning it in your car or truck any worse than in a shop heater or a power plant or to push a ship across the ocean? People who know how to process Black Diesel have been burning used motor oil in their cars and trucks for years. They just don't talk about it! People will tell you that it will destroy your engine but have they tried it? If they had problems it was because they did it wrong!I have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing to develop this information. It is now available to you. You can study online for weeks and get the wrong information or buy my report and be ready to go. Wrong information can be very expensive!

This may not be the answer to the worlds energy problem...... but it could be the answer to yours!!

What are the advantages of Black Diesel?

It's very cheap or free!

More money in your pockets and less of your money going to the Middle East.

Better Mileage! More Power! Black Diesel has more energy per gallon than diesel fuel, WVO or Biodiesel

No Modifications! Modifications are not required to run Black Diesel. You can even run straight motor oil with some modifications. Free Fuel!

Quieter smoother engine. Your fuel system will get the lubrication it isn't getting now with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

More money in your pocket.

Easy to find and easy to process. Faster processing than Biodiesel.

Longer engine life! More lubrication!

Smoke. No more smoke than regular diesel.

Park the economy car and Drive the Diesel again!

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Take a look at my Black Diesel report to learn more and look at my Black Diesel Processors to get started.

We all know what kind of world we live in and why the following is nessasary:

Using Black diesel as a fuel on a roadway would be a violation of law because road taxes have not been paid. Do so at your own risk.

Use of motor oil based fuel is not approved by the EPA.

Black Diesel, like Biodiesel should be considered experimental fuel. If you choose to use the ideas offered here, you do so at your own risk. I cannot control the quality of your oil supply, the condition of your engine or the quality of your finished product and I will not be held responsible for damages of any kind. Consider this information for entertainment only.

Working with highly flammable chemicals is obviously very dangerous. Always use your best judgement and observe all safety procedures for working with hazardous, flammable chemicals. No Smoking!

Motor oil like most fuels are known to cause cancer.